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Body Biotics™

30 year time-tested advanced formula, under the brand name Nature’s Biotics®, has helped hundred’s of thousands of customer in 36 countries from around the world. Through the daily use of this essential blend–rich in “friendly good” bacteria and a few lifestyle changes in your diet, you can influence the balance of the ecology of your gut flora and dramatically improve your overall health and wellbeing. This cultured superior SBO (soil based organisms) blend works to achieve this balance by introducing these friendly bacteria back into your daily diet to help.

I believe that the dynamic health benefits produced by Body Biotics™ far outperform any nutritional product, I have ever experienced. It is my personal belief that if you could only afford one single nutritional product; every man, woman, and child should insure the future of their health with Body Biotics™ as the cornerstone of a daily nutritional regime.

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Body Biotics  Adult Chewables are a blend of 250 mg. of our original Body Biotics SBO Probiotics formula plus 400 mg. of addtional probiotics.  We created ... SBO Probiotics Consortia  are beneficial strains of foreign but friendly naturally occurring soil-borne organisms or (SBOs.)  These essential friendly bacteria were once consumed by ... Body Biotics Children's Chewables are a blend of 100 mg. of our original Body Biotics SBO Probiotics formula plus 400 mg. of additional probiotics. We created this wildberry chewable version ...